Public Screenings


A Public Screening License offers a one-time fee and use of the film to screen to an audience of your choice and can be shared with the community. This option is only valid for one screening event. We will provide the film file to your organization, but it is your organization’s responsibility to coordinate the promotion and screening of the film (e.g., using your organization’s Zoom or Vimeo account to screen the film). If you need assistance in determining what option might best suit your audience, we are happy to discuss that with you. 

Note on Virtual Screenings: The documentary may not be stored on a publicly accessible platform/website (e.g., YouTube). If you wish to allow your participants to have access to the film for a short period of time after the screening, please contact us to coordinate this request. 

Please note: Payment typically takes 4-6 weeks to process. The film will not be distributed until the invoice payment has been received by our financial department. 

If are interested, please email  what type of organization the event is associated with, and our office can provide an invoice and price estimate. Prices range from $100 to $350 depending on the organization type and size. 

Guest Speakers Option: Please contact us for current rates/fees and availability for guest speakers. Potential guest speakers: Erik Linthorst, Director; Dr. Jan Blacher, Executive Producer; students in the film



Educational License Options 

If you plan to show the film multiple times in educational or training settings, we recommend one of the educational site license options below:

  • Video Project allows you to purchase an educational license of the film and it may be stored in your organizations (e.g., university/college, school district, company, etc.) personal library. The license can be purchased directly from the website. Once purchased, the film can be used for future training events, workshops, classes, or lectures within your organization! 
  • We are currently streaming on Kanopy! If your organization already has an existing contract with Kanopy, you can access the film there. If you wish to purchase a contract with Kanopy, please refer to their website. 

Please note: Neither of these options include public or community screening events of the film. Please refer to the Public Screening License section above. 


Personal Viewing Options

Vimeo offers a private rental of the film and can be purchased directly from the link. Personal viewing includes viewing the film for personal use, at-home, or in a private-space. Personal viewing does not include viewing the screening in any public forum, including but not limited to showing the film during a class/staff meeting, large events, community events, etc.